Phone us FREE on - 0800 587 7267
Phone us FREE on - 0800 587 7267

Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check App

The Hidden Hearing app contains information about types and causes of hearing loss and tinnitus.

The app has a soothing sounds feature which has been specially designed to help you relax. These sounds help reduce the perceived "loudness" of tinnitus making tinnitus symptoms less annoying and more manageable. The soothing sounds act as a masking remedy to treat tinnitus symptoms, such as annoying ear ringing to provide you with much needed relief from ear noise and ringing experienced as a symptom of tinnitus.

If you are worried about your hearing, know you have hearing loss, or are profoundly deaf the Hidden Hearing app will give you the practical information and advice you need. At Hidden Hearing we know hearing loss can be a big problem, but there is lots you can learn about how to treat it. Our app is a great place to start if you want information on any aspects of deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus, or about the work we at Hidden Hearing do. Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s premier professional provider of hearing healthcare in the private sector with a national network of over sixty five branches and clinics.

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