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Dr. Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones appointed Medical Advisor with Hidden Hearing

"I jumped at the chance of becoming Medical Advisor to Hidden Hearing for several reasons. As a GP I am all too aware of how common hearing loss is across all age groups and reminded on a daily basis of the inconvenience, social stigma, depression paranoia and isolation it can often cause. With 10 million people in the UK currently experiencing hearing loss and as many as 4 million of them still undiagnosed and reluctant to seek help, it is a hugely neglected condition crying out for attention. Yet they are suffering not so much in silence as in muffled confusion. It no longer needs to be like that."

Don't delay in booking your hearing test today Early detection with single, quick diagnostic testing and huge advances in sophisticated, almost invisible modern hearing aid technology means that remedies for all severities of hearing loss are readily available, cosmetically acceptable and perhaps most importantly of all, dramatically effective.

Hidden Hearing is a company with decades of expertise who have earned their reputation the hard way. I am delighted to have become part of the Hidden Hearing team."


Dr Hilary Jones qualified in 1976 at the Royal Free Hospital in London having studied Arts subjects to A level and then converting to a 6 year medical degree.

In 1979 he worked for a year as the single-handed medical officer on Tristan da Cunha, the most isolated inhabited island in the world. In 1981 he worked as a troubleshooting GP and emergency doctor for the oil industry at Sullom Voe in Shetland for Offshore Medical Support.

He became a Principal in General practice and a GP Trainer in the early 1980's. He also worked as a Senior House Officer in Ophthalmology before entering general practice, assisting in Glaucoma and Cataract extraction procedures and learning the science of refraction.

He then began presenting educational medical TV programmes for British Medical TV in 1986. Sky TV then adopted these programmes for their news bulletins soon after. In 1989 Dr Hilary joined the most successful TV breakfast station ever, TVAM. He and Lorraine Kelly were the first presenters to be signed up by GMTV when it won the breakfast franchise in 1993. He is now the Health Editor for breakfast television.

He has written several books including ‘Before You Call The Doctor, ‘What’s The Alternative?’, ‘Your Child’s Health’, ‘I’m Too Busy To Be Stressed’, ‘Total Well Being’ and ‘Natures Remedies’. His first novel, ‘What’s Up Doc?’ was published in August 2009. Recently Dr Hilary has just launched his first app for iPhone and iPad on pregnancy.

Dr Hilary regularly contributes to the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2, and also writes for Fabulous Magazine and Rosemary Conley magazine.

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