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Phone us FREE on - 0800 587 7267
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Our People

Doctor Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones - Medical Advisor with Hidden Hearing

Dr Hilary Jones qualified in 1976 at the Royal Free Hospital in London having studied Arts subjects to A level and then converting to a 6 year medical degree.
He regularly contributes to the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2, and also writes for Fabulous Magazine and Rosemary Conley magazine.
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Meet The Management Team

Stephen Leddy

Stephen Leddy, Managing Director

Stephen qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1995 and enjoyed extensive experience in the retail sector before joining Hidden Hearing in 2000 as Financial Controller. He was directly responsible for the specification and implementation of a new CRM system together with a an analytical review of the company's business process which contributed to an immediate reduction in the company’s cost base with increased productivity. During this time Stephen also setup the Northern Ireland subsidiary which now employs 15 people. Stephen was subsequently appointed Managing Director in 2002 at the age of 32 and swiftly implemented key strategic changes to the retail business structure and corporate culture which has resulted in significant organic growth and profitability for the company year on year. His focus on developing Hidden Hearing's vision, core value set, unique selling position and brand essence has positioned the company as market leader in the hearing healthcare sector.
Stephen has worked together with his management team to source different revenue streams with synergistic partners to ensure both short and long term organic growth goals are achieved whilst ensuring that professional standards are maintained. In this regard, Stephen has developed and implemented protocols for each step of the business process to ensure consistency of professionalism and standards which are completely in line with Hidden Hearing’s strong brand values. Under Stephen’s stewardship, Hidden Hearing has become the most successful hearing healthcare company in Ireland. “It is our goal to provide not only the optimal hearing solution for our patients, to understand all of our customers’ needs and expectations, but also to provide a lifetime of the best aftercare with ongoing support and consultation in relation to hearing loss. Only then can we be satisfied with our service. We must be ‘on brand’ 100% of the time."

Ken Viney

Ken Viney, Commercial Director

Ken is Commercial Director of Hidden Hearing, having first joined the company as Manager of Northern Ireland in 1994. Over the past sixteen years, Ken has played a pivotal role in successfully growing Hidden Hearing to become Ireland’s premier private healthcare company, with over 30,000 customers and over 65 branches and clinics nationwide. To achieve this position, Ken introduced advanced training of the dispensing staff ensuring increased productivity together with successful recruitment campaigns and ongoing professional development.
As a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, Ken’s experience and extensive sector knowledge has helped shape Hidden Hearing’s customer-focused ethos. As a result, Hidden Hearing is the only hearing healthcare provider in Ireland to offer a nationwide service, a 90 day money-back guarantee, a 4 Year warranty and a lifetime of free aftercare service to customers.

Dolores Madden

Dolores Madden, Marketing Manager, Hidden Hearing Ireland

Dolores Madden is Marketing Manager for Hidden Hearing Ireland, a role in which she oversees the patient acquisition and retention programmes across the network of 65 clinics, developing and implementing advertising, PR, branding, direct mail, events and database marketing campaigns.
Dolores has been a leading figure in the hearing healthcare sector for the past 21 years, having first qualified as an accountant technician (MIATI) and then studied audiology. She has worked across all aspects of the business within Hidden Hearing, having served as Operations Manager for the Southern Region, Branch Manager/Senior Audiologist for the Cork Branch and Team Leader for six audiologists in the Southern Region. Her extensive experience across several departments provided an unrivalled insight into the Hidden Hearing brand within the hearing healthcare sector and Dolores was ideally placed to take up the role of National Marketing Manager in 2001.
Dolores developed the Hidden Hearing GP Clinic initiative, inviting GPs across the island of Ireland to locate a hearing clinic within their practice, and the initiative has grown to include 39 GP Clinics nationwide. Dolores also implemented a public relations campaign to support the business and she has established a reputation as a leading media commentator on hearing loss issues, having designed and implemented Hearing Awareness Week, Ireland’s only hearing health awareness campaign conducted by Hidden Hearing nationally every year since 2007. Hearing Awareness Week has significantly raised the issue of hearing loss on Ireland’s health agenda.
Recognising the emerging importance of online communications, Dolores created a new Hidden Hearing website in 2010 and she orchestrated an online marketing and social media campaign which has seen website traffic grow threefold in less than a year. Her internet / social media activity for Hidden Hearing Ireland has been recognised internationally. Dolores is currently studying for a degree in digital marketing.

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