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Choosing a hearing aid is a matter of personal need and taste. You may know which type of hearing aid you require but need some help deciding on a model based on budget or style. Perhaps you are curious to know which hearing aid solution is most suited to your hearing condition.

Whatever your requirement is, you can find all the answers to the common questions about hearing aids, our new and available products, adjustment periods and costs below.

  • Why do we lose our hearing?

    There are many reasons why we lose our hearing, the two most common reasons being age and exposure to loud noise. Age - unfortunately this is a common symptom of getting older, but rest assured this is perfectly normal and very common. Exposure to loud noise - long periods of loud noise exposure can damage your hearing, even listening to an MP3 player at a loud volume can damage your hearing. This is why it is so important to protect our hearing wherever possible.

  • Can my hearing loss be cured?

    In most circumstances it is very difficult to offer solutions, without fully understanding the cause. Therefore, we recommend a full hearing assessment is completed, to test the extent of the problem and advise suitable solutions that will offer the greatest help to the individual.

  • Can you offer any advice for dealing with age-related hearing loss?

    Unfortunately hearing loss is a common symptom of ageing, but please rest assured this is perfectly normal. If you are concerned about the condition of your hearing and would like this examined, please book a FREE, no obligation hearing test at your nearest Hidden Hearing branch.

  • I am young and suffer from hearing problems. What advice can you give me?

    We are sorry to learn of your hearing problems. We would strongly recommend that you arrange to have hearing test so that your hearing difficulties can be fully investigated. Our Hearing Consultant can then discuss further options with you.

  • Are you able to repair broken hearing aids?

    We work very closely with manufacturers to repair hearing aids. If your hearing aid is broken, please contact your local Hidden Hearing clinic.

  • How can I get replacement domes for each of my two hearing aids?

    Please make an appointment in your local Hidden Hearing clinic

  • My hearing aid has been making a clicking sound

    Please contact your local Hidden Hearing clinic and we will schedule you in for an appointment.

  • Would a hearing aid still be suitable for someone with no ear drum?

    This type of hearing loss is generally known as conductive hearing loss and can be helped with a hearing device built into a pair of spectacles. There are a number of spectacle frame designs, where the hearing unit is incorporated into the frame and in some cases your own spectacles might be adapted. With these spectacles, there is nothing in the ear, so hearing is achieved by vibrations on the mastoid bone behind the ear itself.

    There are also some very advanced 'In the Ear' aids that might also be suitable. We would suggest an hearing test followed by an in-depth consultation and evaluation to determine the most appropriate type of instrument for you.

  • Could I have done anything to prevent tinnitus?

    Prevention for continued hearing loss is possible, once the extent of hearing loss has been determined. At Hidden Hearing we offer hearing assessments that will allow us to determine the best course of action to treat and further prevent hearing loss.


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