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Audika's story

At Audika we are committed to delivering unsurpassed
hearing health care by placing your individual needs first. We
 pledge to provide affordable, custom-tailored solutions
supported by our professional and dedicated staff

From 7 states to now 10 across the country, HearingLife has quickly grown to become a large
privately owned hearing health care providers in the US. 

Many believe that the reason behind our unprecedented growth is attributed to one main factor -
our focus on what is truly right for our patients. 

We employ the best professionals in the industry, and provide our patients with the best possible
solution to their individual hearing loss. We stay attentive to their needs throughout the
relationship which begins at the moment our patient is fitted with a hearing device, and lasts a


Some of Audika's services

  • Free adjustments for the lifetime of your hearing aid

  • On-site professional fitting for all hearing aids

  • Competitive pricing

  • Flexible payment options

  • Hearing aid adjustment period (to make sure it's the perfect fit)

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