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Patient Testimonials

Need some encouragement? Just read these testimonials from our patients. These patients have been so pleased with their improved hearing experience with Hidden Hearing they simply had to share their story.

"I’m very keen to encourage others to get their hearing checked. You’d get your sight checked the minute you realised there may be a problem, but for many reasons people
delay the process with their hearing. I tell people “It’s no different to wearing glasses, most people don’t notice and the only thing you WILL notice is just how much better life

Shona Maguire

Hearing aid user

“Having researched the strengths and weaknesses of hearing aid suppliers, I became a client of Hidden Hearing seventeen years ago. The technology underpinning hearing aids has changed rapidly since then, and I have so far purchased four sets of hearing aids, and later this year I will purchase my fifth set. All the staff I have dealt with over the years have provided me with expert advice and first-class service. And the services have improved to include not only free hearing tests and six-month check-ups, but also free batteries and earwax removal, as well as a four-year warranty on the hearing aids. I can recommend Hidden Hearing without reservation.”

Sir George Bain,

Hearing aid user

"Since I had my hearing issues addressed and got sorted, life has been wonderful.I genuinely don’t have the words to convey how much better it is. I had forgotten what it was like to hear properly and in ways I wasn’t living well before"

Ingrid Kuhn

Hearing aid user

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