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Hearing aids transform lives, helping people with hearing loss communicate actively and participate fully in  everyday activities. Although today’s hearing aids are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle, it is important to take care of your investment. Everyday activities expose your hearing aids to moisture and debris that can affect device performance over time. While many hearing aids are water-resistant, moisture from perspiration, humidity and rain, and condensation from your glasses and face masks can infiltrate devices,
causing damage requiring repair and possible replacement. 

Cleaning systems are ideal for people who:

· Work outdoors
· Work in humid environments
· Wear glasses
· Lead an active lifestyle
· Are prone to earwax
· Perspire excessively
· Have dry skin issues
· Wear face masks for long periods

Our hearing care professionals are always ready to help you select accessories that are compatible with your hearing aids. Please phone 0800 587 7267 to place your order.

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