Summer Activities That Could Damage Your Ears

30 July 2018
Summer Activities That Could Damage Your Ears

Protecting your hearing may not be your first concern when you are planning a summer of fun, but giving some thought to this issue could help to prevent hearing loss as you age.

Hearing loss can happen for many different reasons, including illness, genetics and taking certain medications, but exposure to loud noises is a common - and preventable - culprit. Many of the very loud noises we are surrounded by throughout the summer present a hazard to our ears, and being aware of this can help us to avoid these sounds or protect ourselves against them.

Protect Your Hearing This Summer

Here at Hidden Hearing, we hope you are having a fantastic summer, filled with memorable moments. However, we also hope that you will protect your vulnerable ears whenever you can so that you can continue to enjoy good hearing into the future. Here are some of the most common summertime activities that could cause damage to your ears:

Music festivals. Summer is the festival season, and it’s great fun to enjoy music and camping together with your family and friends. Loud music, however, is a major hazard to hearing, and you should be aware than music often reaches more than 100dB, a very dangerous volume that can cause permanent damage to the ears. Invest in a good pair of earplugs or ear defenders so that you can enjoy the atmosphere without risking your hearing, and don’t forget that children’s ears are especially vulnerable.

Sports events. Spectating at a sports event should be a fairly low risk activity, but the noise levels in sports stadiums are often very high indeed. If you regularly attend sporting events, you may need to protect your ears by wearing special earplugs to prevent hearing loss in the future. 

Gardening equipment. Mowing the lawn is a surprisingly popular summer pastime, with many gardeners citing it as their favourite outdoor job. It is important to be aware that garden tools such as lawnmowers and strimmers can be extremely loud, and you should always wear ear protection when using these.

Watersports. Watersports are a popular choice for families or friends on holiday together, but these are another common cause of hearing problems. It is not just the risk of loud noises that you should be aware of here, although this is significant in the case of speedboats and jet skis, but it is also important to remember that ear infections are frequently caused by water in the ears, and that this could be another threat to good hearing. 

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