United Kingdom Tax Policy (Hidden Hearing (N.I.) Limited)

In accordance with Schedule 19 of the United Kingdom Finance Act 2016, paragraph22(2), this Tax Policy sets out the principles that Hidden Hearing (N.I.) Limited incorporated in the United Kingdom follows to manage its tax affairs.
Tax risk management and governance

The Company is subject to a range of different national and international tax rules. These tax rules are often complex and if there are doubts over the interpretation of the law or risks identified to the Company’s continuing compliance, external professional advice is obtained to ensure that the position is appropriate.
Attitude to tax planning
It is the Company’s policy to be in compliance with all applicable tax laws and to have valid business reasons for transactions and structures. 

Risk appetite
It is the Company’s policy to be “good citizens” in the United Kingdom. This includes paying the taxes that they are obligated to pay.
The Company seeks to utilise available incentives and tax reliefs as intended by UK Parliament.
The Company aims to adopt filing positions where it is reasonable to assume that these will be settled in their favour.

Dealing with HMRC
The Company’s intention is to engage in professional communications with HMRC and to participate in an open dialogue on tax matters, including both existing and future matters of relevance.

If relevant, the Company will seek dialogue and agreement with HMRC in order to increase predictability and minimise the risk of tax disputes.
In case of enquiries or investigations, the Company will ensure that the relevant staff and documentation are available for HMRC. Full disclosure on such matters is of high priority for the Company.

The daily management, actions and operations related to taxes in the Company are in compliance with this Tax Policy.
This Tax Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

 Reviewed and updated on 29/11/2019

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