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BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids are attached to custom earpieces that fit snugly behind the ear. This style is very popular amongst hearing aid wearers - making BTE hearing aids the most widely used hearing aid device in the United Kingdom by far. Commonly prescribed by the NHS, they are the preferred digital hearing aid system for users where power and additional features are important.

The BTE hearing aid, whilst classic in its design, has a number of leading features that are behind its popularity:

- Close to the eardrum for more clarity
- Discreet, two-piece design
- Custom fit to deal with individual's specific auditory needs

What are the benefits of BTE hearing aids?

At Hidden Hearing, we often recommend BTE hearing aids for when the client requires a combination of power and total control. This is due to behind the ear hearing aids having a range of benefits which are widely sought after by those with hearing difficulties, including: 

1. Control

As the user, you're in total control of your hearing aid device. You can vary the overall volume heard through the hearing aid system, while the Program button enables users to navigate through a series of varied programs to suit their environment - such as listening to music.


2. Telecoils

Easily built into the system, the telecoil (or T switch/loop system) allows users to benefit from the inductive loop field often built into public places, such as post offices, banks and churches.

3. Customisation and ease of use

A great deal of our customers find that BTE hearing aids are a great option because of their ease of use. Simple to handle and with large batteries for a long life, the design of behind the ear hearing aids also allows clients to customise their device to include features such as FM systems and direct audio input. These can be of great help where our customers require absolute clarity in background noise.

4. Versatility

Thanks to their ear-mounted design, BTE hearing aids are often more reliable* and longer lasting* than some other styles of hearing aid. In some cases a Behind the Ear hearing aid can even be adapted to fit to the sides of spectacles, so you'll hardly even know it's there.

By far one of the most versatile options, the expert staff at your local Hidden Hearing branch will be able to advise you whether BTE hearing aids are right for you, and guide you through the potential options. Make an appointment with your Hearing Aid Dispenser today.

*Depending on the amount of time used and exposure to extremes of temperature, moisture, etc.


1. How does a BTE hearing aid work?

Behind the ear hearing aids transmit sound to an earpiece through a small plastic tube, which sits in your outer ear canal and sends sound waves to the eardrum. Many of the important hearing aid components, such as the loudspeaker, sit in the main housing behind the ear.

2. Do behind the ear hearing aids come in different sizes and colours? 

BTE hearing aids are available in many different forms, including different colours - designed to match your hair or skin tone. You can also get many small varieties that are barely visible when worn. 


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