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Subtlety has many benefits

The decision to opt for an invisible hearing aid has nothing to do with ‘confidence levels’ - some people simply do not want to show-off their hearing aids. That’s why Hidden Hearing makes devices that fit imperceptibly but securely within the ear canal; known as ‘IIC’, or ‘Invisible In the Canal’.

There are a number of reasons that invisible hearing aids are so popular, including: 

- Nobody can see the hearing aid
- Natural sound reception is improved
- Phone use is much easier
- Tailor-fit for maximum comfort

Invisible hearing aids, or IICs, are most suited to people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and are therefore not the best option for those with severe or profound hearing loss.

Can you feel that you're wearing an invisible hearing aid?

When fitted properly, an IIC should be comfortable and discreet - both in terms of the way it looks, and the way it feels. As most invisible hearing aids are fully bespoke and made to measure, they are designed to be as comfortable and non-disruptive as possible.

Some people will find that their ear canal is not the right size for an IIC device to fit securely; seek advice from your local Hidden Hearing professional to discuss this option.

Are they removable?

Despite a secure fit, invisible hearing aids can be removed simply and effectively, with changing the batteries being even simpler. There is some water resistance, should you dive into the sea or a swimming-pool, but is advisable to remove them before entering the water.


How ‘natural’ is the sound?

While it might seem hard to imagine, these tiny IIC devices - which are smaller than a fingernail - provide a very true reproduction of sounds. This makes it easier for the wearer to differentiate between different noises and sources.

How 'invisible' are they?

Choosing a neutral colour, as well as correct ear canal positioning, will mean that your invisible hearing aid will be almost impossible to spot. Plus, hair cover will ensure they’re hidden. Your privacy is secure.

Which hearing aid brands are the best?

Hidden Hearing works closely with hearing aid brands such as Starkey and Oticon, both of whom offer advanced hearing technology at remarkable levels.

Oticon is renowned for its developments in the Brain Hearing arena, introducing factors that include and improve cognitive functioning - as well as reducing fatigue - while Starkey Soundlens allows for hearing aid adjustment through a mobile telephone. In both cases, they create sound reproduction that needs to be heard. 

How long does an invisible hearing aid last?

Due to the small size, some invisible hearing aids are found to have a shorter battery life  than other hearing aid options. This can result in changing batteries more often, which incurs a cost. 

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