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Oticon More™

Oticon More™ is the world’s first hearing aid to give the brain the full perspective.

Oticon More ground-breaking technology enables you to hear more details, understand more and remember more with less effort.

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World’s first hearing aid that provides access to the full sound scene

The ground-breaking technology within Oticon More has learned to recognise all types of sounds, their details, and how they should ideally sound – including speech. This is possible thanks to Polaris TM, the most intelligent platform ever developed by Oticon.

Oticon More has been developed according to the Oticon BrainHearing™ philosophy. It has been designed to deliver more sound to the brain that's much clearer, all while improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort.

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The benefits of Oticon More™

Oticon’s latest platform, Polaris, is programmed to recognise the details of over 12 million surrounding sounds in order to provide optimal sound and speech quality. The new platform provides the following benefits:


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15% increased speech understanding (compared to Oticon Opn S)
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60% clearer sound scene (compared to Oticon Opn S)
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30% more sound delivered to the brain (compared to Oticon Opn S)
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Oticon’s most intelligent hearing aid technology - Better speech understanding - Bluetooth connectivity - Rechargeable batteries

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 The most popular technology and features in Oticon More™

In addition to getting the most out of every listening situation, Oticon More™ delivers the following:
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Bluetooth connectivity
Connect to all your favourite devices easily and use your hearing aids as wireless headphones.

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Rechargeable batteries
These built-in batteries do not need to be replaced regularly. Simply charge the hearing aids every night.

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BrainHearing technology
Delivers more sound to the brain with improved sound clarity, speech understanding and reduced listening effort.

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Deep Neural Network
This intelligent technology helps your brain to access a complete and balanced sound scene.
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New Polaris platform
Offers greater speed, precision and capacity than any of the former Oticon platforms
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Remote support
Consult with a hearing care expert about your hearing aid from the comfort of your home.
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Better listening experience with BrainHearing™

Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus on sounds coming from in front of you. Oticon More™ is the world's first hearing aid that gives the brain the full sound perspective, allowing you to hear more sounds around you. More benefits include:

  • Follow multiple conversations and choose what to focus on.
  • Access and make sense of meaningful sounds in your surroundings.
  • Receive an unparalleled understanding of speech in noisy environments.
  • Hear more with less effort.
  • Automatically adapt to the sound in your surroundings and receive a personalised listening experience.

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