With the newest technology and best in class service from Hidden Hearing. Start you trial today and try our small and discreet hearing aids for 30-days, completely free of charge.

At Audika we provide a * where you can try our newest hearing aids, completely free of charge. Our hearing care experts will perform a free hearing test in one of our clinics and fit you with our new and sophisticated hearing aids.

You’ll get to take the hearing aids home and wear them where it matters the most – in your every day life while you are performing your daily activities. 

This gives you the opportunity to rediscover the sounds you’ve been missing out on.

What to expect during the trial

During your 30-day trial we will offer a number of services:

  • You will get a free hearing test performed by a professional hearing care expert.

  • You will receive hearing aids with the latest and most advanced technology.

  • Throughout your free trial, our hearing care experts will provide help and guidance to ensure you experience sound at the highest quality.

Start your free trail today

Full of technology - but almost invisible in the ear. These hearing aids can change your life.

Fill in your contact information and we will call you to set up an appointment in one of our clinics near you. 


Make a small decision to hear better

Our new hearing aid is more than just a hearing aid. It is a highly sophisticated device that delivers the most natural sound quality and remarkable speech clarity. With our new hearing aids you get the best of both worlds: stylish design and groundbreaking technology.

Do you already have hearing aids?

If you already have hearing aids but do not experience the results you were expecting, we can reassess your hearing ability and provide a better solution for you. We recommend that you get your hearing checked or try a new hearing aid every 4th year as your hearing loss might change.

 today and get a 30-day free hearing aid trial.

*The trial is always subject to a hearing test performed by a hearing care expert in an Audika clinic.

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