Because they are the most discreet style available, people don't notice in-the-ear hearing aids. And you can just ignore them too.

Hidden Inside Your Ear

In The Ear (ITE) models are a good choice if discretion is a high priority for you. They help to give first-time users an easy introduction to hearing aids because they sit safely out of the way of sunglasses and goggles – and won’t fly off when you remove your sweater. They come in two styles:

Also known as (ITC). These are small hearing aids that sit inside your ear canal, so they are very difficult to notice. They include Completely In the Canal (CIC) hearing aids – which are even harder to see – and Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing aids, which you can’t see at all because they sit so deep. You use a long ‘pin’ to pull them out. Once, CIC models were limited to people with milder forms of hearing loss and larger ear canals, but recent technological advances have made them available to many more people.

 - lso known as In-The-Ear (ITE). These larger hearing aids can all be seen in the ear from the side. They fill either half or all of the bowl of the ear(concha) . As they provide a very secure fit they can suit very active people, and the varied range of strengths will even treat  profound hearing loss.

Just how visible are they?

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