Customer Care Plan

Hidden Hearing are pleased to introduce our Customer Care Plan (All Risks Cover) specifically designed for your hearing aids, giving you total peace of mind with all risks. It provides a low-cost protection against loss, theft or breakdown of your hearing aids.

All Risks Cover

There is a four-year Hidden Hearing Standard warranty on the aids which will cover any necessary repairs or replacement required due to normal wear and tear. We offer the All Risks Cover which is designed to protect against any eventuality. This means that any necessary repairs will be carried out free of charge no matter how many times you make a claim. Where the aid is damaged beyond repair, you will receive a replacement hearing aid entirely free of charge.

  • The 3 main benefits of the Customer Care Plan are:

  • No quibble for new replacement of your hearing aid/s if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Unlimited repairs to your hearing aid/s through breakdown or accidental damage.
  • Free cover whilst on your holidays up to a maximum of 31 days (at any one time).

For further information, please Freephone Customer Service on 0800 587 7267

Please note once Hidden Hearing has replaced your hearing aids due to loss, accidental damage or theft, the Customer Care Plan on this aid will no longer be valid.

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