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Question 1
1: Do you have trouble following conversations when there are more than four people?
2: Have friends or family noticed changes in your hearing?
3: Do you ever struggle to understand what other people are saying?
4: Do you turn up the TV even though the volume is loud enough for others?


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Why should you try Oticon Own?

Vastly improved speech understanding
Studies have shown that these hearing aids provide speech understanding that is close to normal hearing¹, which gives you the confidence that you heard it right the first time.
Reduced feedback sounds in your ears
Some hearing aid wearers may have noticed feedback in the past. But modern hearing aid technology reduces the likelihood of feedback – even while connected to smart devices.
A 360-degree sound experience
The OpenSound Navigator™ technology in modern Oticon hearing aids processes all of sounds around you to determine which are the most important. This way you get a fully balanced sound picture.
Oticon BrainHearing™ technology
Hearing aids with the groundbreaking BrainHearing™ technology were designed to deliver more sound to the brain that's much clearer, all while improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort.


'A really great improvement on my previous NHS hearing aids. Thank you for giving me back my hearing.' - Stephanie Hanthorne, Dungannon 

'Life-changing for me. I wish I had found out about Hidden Hearing years ago.' - Alexandra Borne, Bangor