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A buildup of earwax can cause a range of hearing problems from mild to severe. We use the latest technology and we carry out best practices in Ear Irrigation and Microsuction as appropriate.

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Earwax removal

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Our earwax consultation and earwax removal fee is £60 for both. Your wax consultation fee of £60 covers the discussion, assessment by screening, removal of any wax (whether present or not), video otoscopy and a general ear health check-up, and advise accordingly. At Hidden Hearing we use all the latest technology with best practice in Micro Irrigation and Micro Suction, as appropriate.

Ireland AM - Expert Earwax Removal

Chief audiologist Tim Pringle and expert wax removal technician Donal Breheny recently appeared on Ireland AM to remove presenter Martin King's earwax.

Watch how easy and painless the procedure can be!


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Professional Earwax Removal 

At Hidden Hearing, we are proud to offer a professional earwax removal service. For most of us, noticing a change in our hearing can be unnerving and at the very least annoying. In many cases, the issue will not be hearing loss related, but simply a build-up of too much earwax. If left untreated your hearing could suffer.

FAQ About Earwax Removal

Earwax Removal Service 

Our expert earwax removal technicians offer a safe and effective earwax removal treatment which improves overall hearing health and contributes to better hearing.