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If you think you have hearing loss, you are not alone. In a recent survey conducted in Ireland, 66% of those surveyed admitted feeling exhausted trying to cope with conversation, on account of their hearing difficulty.
Learning from their stories might help you on your journey to better hearing.

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Study shows: hearing aids may improve life quality

Hearing loss affects your life in different ways. As it often develops gradually over time, it is hard know when it's time to seek treatment for hearing loss.

People wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. Once they are treated and experience the positive impact hearing aids have on their life, they often regret waiting so long.

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“Don't do what I did, and leave it so long. If I got my hearing aids a few years ago, it would of made my life an awful lot easier"


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"I try to view each person as if it was a member of my family and I was trying to help that person. You take on board their lifestyle and prescribe an instrument that is going to make them hear as well as they possibly can."

Zoryana Ghreskiv, Audiologist at Hidden Hearing


“The pivotal moment was, I saw Hidden Hearing and they were doing free hearing tests. For me, it's been life-changing”


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"It's not something that you notice immediately, it creeps up on you. I got really annoyed when people shouted at me. I can now hear the cat purr and the clock behind me, these are my little gems"


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How to know when it's time to seek help

The signs of hearing loss can be vague and gradual, but they can sometimes be obvious and sudden.

If you recognise one or more of the signs below, then it might be time for you to seek treatment.

Difficulty following conversations
Difficulty following group conversations (especially when background noise is present)
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Phone conversations are unclear
You have trouble following phone conversations in both quiet and noisy places
People seem to be mumbling too often
Sounds seem unclear, or people sound like they are mumbling when talking
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Difficulty locating sounds
You have difficulty locating where sounds are coming from
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Signs of tinnitus
You experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears
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Turning up the TV too loud
Your friends and family say you turn the television up too loud


“Since I put these in it’s just like it’s the specifics you can hear and its all around you. You can pick up every little sound but you’re comfortable with it. And whether it’s bird singing now, whether it’s the water lapping, sounds that I kind of lost and it’s a lovely feeling.”


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1. 2019 Global Hearing Loss Survey