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Living with hearing loss

It can feel very frustrating when your companions are having a good time while you're isolated by your hearing loss. But it doesn't have to be this way. Hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions among adults, and most types can be treated.

Recognise the signs of hearing loss

Treating hearing loss as early as possible can have a profound, positive impact on your overall quality of life and long-term health. Our experts recommended that you seek help as soon as you begin to recognise symptoms, such as:
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Difficulty following group conversations
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Asking others to repeat themselves
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People around you seem to be mumbling or talking softly
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Having to turn up the TV, radio or phone volume to hear properly
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Difficulty hearing what people are saying if they don’t look directly at you
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Feeling tired at the end of the day from straining to hear

How to handle the symptoms of hearing loss

If you notice that you or a loved one is experiencing signs of hearing loss, we advise you to seek advice in one of our 12+ Hidden Hearing clinics, nationwide.

When you book a free hearing appointment, you will have a fully comprehensive hearing test will lasts one hour. The test will indicate: 

  • Whether you have hearing loss
  • Your level of hearing loss
  • What treatment options are available to you

You can also start out by taking our online hearing test. It takes less than 5 minutes and gives you a quick assessment regarding whether you show signs of hearing loss.

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Emotional consequences

Most people with untreated hearing loss are vulnerable to serious emotional and social consequences. Hearing loss can make a person less tolerant and more irritable, and - if it's left untreated - it often leads to social isolation, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, frustration and anger. It can even lead to paranoia. Research also clearly shows that people with untreated hearing loss are less likely to join social activities compared to those who wear hearing aids.

Benefits of treatment

Fortunately for you or your loved one, it never has to get this far. As soon as the hearing loss has been acknowledged, you are no longer alone. Many first time hearing aid users find they have increased mental energy, and experience significant improvements in many areas of their lives. These include their relationships at home, their ability to go out, and a sense of independence in both their social life and at work. Just as importantly, the families of hearing aid users notice these improvements too.

Untreated hearing loss

What can you do to help

Read more tips about helping a loved one address their potential hearing loss.
Help someone with hearing loss

An easy first step is taking a quick online assessment that indicates if you may have hearing loss.
Take online hearing test

In most cases, the best next step will be to agree that your friend or loved one book a hearing test in a hearing clinic. This action step will help them to get a better understanding of both the level and type of hearing loss.

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Seek help for hearing loss: Book a FREE hearing test

If you recognise hearing loss symptoms (such as having trouble hearing conversations or turning up the TV louder than normal), we suggest that you seek expert advice by booking an appointment
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Have you had a hearing test within the last two years?

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How to test your hearing for free

Hidden Hearing offers free hearing tests to all customers. Use our clinic locator to find a clinic near you, where you can book your free hearing test. When we test your hearing, you can expect to receive the following: to find a clinic near you, where you can book your free hearing test. When we test your hearing, you can expect to receive the following:

  • A consultation with a certified hearing care expert.
  • A comprehensive hearing test with same-day results.
  • A selection of high-quality hearing aids from multiple brands.
  • Our exclusive expert care guarantee  (valid for 4 years after purchase) – which includes everything you need to get the most out of your hearing aids - including unlimited batteries for your hearing aids.

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We're here to help you hear better with life-changing hearing care

While modern hearing aids are more effective than ever before in significantly improving hearing ability, they do not restore your hearing completely. 

However, hearing aids can come close. You can expect to hear significantly better than you would without hearing aids. 
Additionally, hearing aids have been shown to improve quality of life, self-confidence, and social engagement. 

90-day money back guarantee Life-changing hearing aids

The effects of untreated hearing loss

Although hearing loss affects people in different ways, many studies have linked untreated hearing loss to a number of serious emotional and social consequences:

  • Irritability, negativism and anger.
  • Tiredness, worry, stress and depression.
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from social situations.
  • Difficulties communicating with other people.
  • Social rejection and loneliness.
  • Reduced awareness and increased risk to personal safety.
  • Weakened memory and a decreased ability to learn new tasks.
  • Reduced performance at work or during education.


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