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Online Hearing Test

Our online hearing screening test only takes 5 minutes, and you will receive your results instantly!
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What does the online hearing test entail?

Our online hearing test begins with four simple questions about your hearing in everyday situations. Afterward, you’ll listen to several short conversations with background noise present. After hearing each discussion, you’ll be asked a few questions. Your answers will show how well you heard what was said in the conversations.

Once you have completed the online hearing test, you’ll get instant feedback on how you performed. If the online hearing test indicates that you may have reduced hearing, you will have the opportunity to book a free hearing test with one of our hearing aid audiologists. The appointment is free of charge and noncommittal.

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What will the online hearing test show me?

Based on the answers you give in the online test, you’ll be placed into one of three categories: no hearing loss, moderate hearing loss or severe hearing loss. If the online test finds that your hearing is reduced, we provide you with an opportunity to make an appointment with one of our hearing aid audiologists.

At the appointment, we can perform a more detailed test of your hearing, and our hearing aid audiologist will provide you with guidance on how to treat hearing loss going forward. Our hearing tests are free of charge and completely with no obligation, just like the online hearing test.

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Hearing loss and hearing tests

Hearing loss is a common condition affecting over 1.5 billion
people worldwide.

If you think you might have hearing loss, book a free, professional hearing test in one of our clinics. You can book by clicking below or calling us at: 0800 1456067.

Alternatively, take our online hearing test to help you decide if you should talk to a hearing care expert.

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How effective is the online hearing test?

Many people use online hearing tests or hearing test apps to get a general idea of how well they hear. These options are a great place to start. Please note, though, that online hearing test results cannot provide exact results. Not only is it impossible to ensure the sound levels you hear are calibrated correctly, they also rely solely on frequencies and tones and should therefore only be used for guidance.

More useful online hearing tests combine self-evaluation questions and listening tests using background noise, because they help assess your ability to discern speech from noise, without needing to guarantee absolute sound levels. However, the only way to test your hearing properly is to visit a hearing aid audiologist.

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Why regular hearing tests are important

Living with untreated hearing loss affects far more than your ability to hear. It may affect your ability to socialise with friends and family, leaving you feeling isolated or lonely.

Hearing loss can also affect your memory and your mental sharpness. It may even increase your risk for cognitive decline. 

The good news is that hearing aids can improve your hearing so that you can enjoy engaging in your favorite activities and socialising with friends and family. Today's discreet, comfortable and technologically advanced hearing aids are effective at treating hearing loss, and they can significantly improve your quality of life.

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Find a hearing care clinic near you

To find out where your nearest hearing clinic is, simply click the button below to use our clinic locator tool. 

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your hearing health or would like to book an appointment.

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