What is included in the price of our hearing aids?

  1. 90-day money back guarantee
    We offer all our customers a 90-day return policy (money back guarantee) on their hearing aids purchase. If you feel that your hearing aids are not suitable for whatever reason, you can simply return them at zero cost. We recommend that you wear them as a part of your everyday routine as directed by your hearing aid audiologist to determine if they are the right hearing aids for you.
  2. 4-year hearing aid maintenance
    We offer 6-monthly free hearing aid cleaning assistance as part of your 4-year warranty. You are also covered for any fittings, adjustments, software upgrades and repairs. 
  3. Free batteries for life
    If you buy hearing aids with disposable batteries, we give you free batteries for the life of the hearing aid. 
  4. Online and in-person consultations - free aftercare services
    We provide 6-month and yearly service check-ups, with free in-person consultations at our clinics. We also offer online remote support and self-guided resources. Our dedicated customer services team is there to look after you. 
  5. Hidden Hearing welcome programme
    We offer an introductory welcome programme through email, offering tips and advice to help you adjust to your new life with hearing aids.
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Smart investment

Hearing care is health care. When considering the price of hearing aids, consider the overall life improvement that you can expect. A recent study by Marketing Research, Inc. and the Hearing Industries Association showed that most hearing aid users reported the following benefits:

  • Higher quality of life
  • Communication and relationships transformed through increased social interactions
  • Higher performance at work
  • Increased levels of confidence 

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*If you have moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, we recommend custom-built hearing aids with advanced technology to suit your hearing loss. You may need to supplement the purchase price.  PRSI contributions criteria varies. Learn more about the PRSI contribution criteria