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Hearing aids

At Hidden Hearing, we offer only the best digital hearing aids and accessories. We have all types of hearing aids from a variety of top hearing aid brands, including invisible hearing aids.

What is a hearing aid?

A modern hearing aid or hearing instrument is a small device that sits discreetly on the wearer’s head – usually behind the ear, or in the ear. Hearing aids amplify particular parts of the sound environment around the wearer.


Hearing aid technology

Digital hearing aids contain a powerful mini-computer. This takes data gathered by the microphones and analyses the sound environment. The computer is programmed to select the sounds you need help with. The best hearing aids amplify only these parts of the sound. They remove excess noise and play the personalised result directly in your ear.


Types of hearing aids

Conventionally, hearing instruments sit behind the ear. However, there are now small hearing aids and even invisible hearing aids that sit so well concealed in the ear canal that no one can see them.

Types of hearing aids

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Hearing aid brands

At Hidden Hearing, we believe that hearing is such an important sense that it doesn’t make sense to compromise. We offer only the best brands of digital hearing aids. Fortunately, quality hearing aids don’t have to cost the earth – our quality hearing aid manufacturers offer hearing aids at a range of prices.


What care do hearing aids need?

There are a few simple things to learn. Currently, there is no such thing as completely waterproof hearing aids, so it’s important to keep them dry – and safe from heavy rain. Special hearing aid dryers can remove moisture from inside. It is also important to keep them away from hairspray, which can damage the plastic. However, the main considerations they need are new batteries, which typically last for about a week.