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If you have a problem with your hearing and do not like the idea of wearing something in your ear, spectacle hearing aids (Specaids) could be the answer.

Spectacle hearing aids could be worth considering if you wear glasses and are having trouble hearing. They are a remarkable invention, tackling two problems at once.

  • Discreet - no one need know you are wearing a hearing aid
  • Dual functionality - improve your hearing whilst correcting your vision
  • Wide range of stylish frames available
  • What are the Benefits of Spectacle Hearing Aids

Dual Functionality

Improve your hearing whilst correcting your vision. Spectacle frames that cleverly contain and disguise a digital hearing aid in the spectacle arms slip easily into your pocket, purse or handbag. They will greatly improve your hearing with discretion, so you can hear daily sounds like television programmes and loved ones or colleagues talking. At the same time, you can continue to benefit from improved vision.

Stylish Frames

Spectacle hearing aids are available in a wide range of stylish frames to choose from. We appreciate that people’s preferences vary greatly when it comes to style and taste over eye-wear. Just as you would carefully consider a pair of glasses when you visit the opticians, we are on hand to help you make the best choice when it comes to frames for your specaid.


Whilst most people are not worried about wearing glasses, sadly the same cannot be said for wearing a hearing aid. Unfortunately there is still a stigma felt by some people, about the image surrounding a hearing aid and how they may be judged. If this is something that concerns you, Spectacle hearing aids provide a brilliant solution. The hearing aid is discreetly attached to the frame and is barely noticeable to others.


Some people can find it uncomfortable and unnatural to have a hearing aid in their ear, but that's not a problem with Spectacle hearing aids as nothing goes into the ear!* If you want to have clear vision and improve your hearing, Spectacle hearing aids could be the solution for you.

Conductive Hearing Loss

As the spectacle hearing aid is not worn in the ear, it’s generally suitable for those who have Conductive hearing loss. This is a condition that affects quality of sound being passed to the inner ear, caused by blockage factors such as abnormal bone growth, ruptured ear drum or build-up of ear wax. Sounds become quieter rather than distorted, which requires amplification of sound that is possible out of the ear canal.

*Dependent on your hearing loss.

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