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  • Hidden Hearing in Belfast celebrate their 20th Anniversary with special guest Daniel O'Donnell on the 19th August

    12. August 2019

    Singing superstar Daniel O’Donnell is inviting fans in Northern Ireland to a special meet and greet at Hidden Hearing, 54 High Street, Belfast this Monday, August 19 from 12 noon.
  • Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

    14. June 2019

    There are many misconceptions about brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s & Dementia & a lot of people would think that both are the same however, they are not. There have been definite links made between Dementia & Hearing Health.
  • Spoilt For Choice: Get Going With Your Golden Years

    14. June 2019

    You never thought the day would come. Even on the very first day of your very first job, you couldn’t help but look to the future. While your new boss led you around the office to shake hands with a thousand colleagues whose names you would quickly forget, simple arithmetic danced around your frontal lobe as you calculated just how many years, weeks, days, and minutes you were from retirement. (Somewhere in the region of 87,360 hours, assuming you work for roughly 42 years, give or take a few weeks’ holidays along the way…) A sobering number indeed, you wished you hadn’t worked it out so soon, but that’s life, baby.


  • Northern Ireland Tops Poll for Proactive Hearing Healthcare

    27. February 2019

    A global survey for World Hearing Day on Sunday 3 March has revealed that those living in the UK & Northern Ireland are among the most proactive when it comes to looking after their hearing health.

    The research, co-ordinated in Northern Ireland & the UK by Hidden Hearing, was carried out among people experiencing hearing issues.  It showed people here were among the most prompt in the world for having their hearing tested and seeking treatment, where necessary. 

  • Your First Hearing Aids: Where To Start

    10. August 2018

    If you’ve just ordered your first hearing aids, you may feel a bit apprehensive about starting to use them on a daily basis. After all, this can feel like a large expense! However, this is an opportunity to really invest in your health and your future, and we know you’ll be delighted that you’ve taken the leap towards better hearing, greater confidence and more fun.
  • Summer Activities That Could Damage Your Ears

    30. July 2018

    Protecting your hearing may not be your first concern when you are planning a summer of fun, but giving some thought to this issue could help to prevent hearing loss as you age.

    Hearing loss can happen for many different reasons, including illness, genetics and taking certain medications, but exposure to loud noises is a common - and preventable - culprit. Many of the very loud noises we are surrounded by throughout the summer present a hazard to our ears, and being aware of this can help us to avoid these sounds or protect ourselves against them.
  • Help Your Hearing Aids To Last Longer

    6. July 2018

    If you wear hearing aids or think you may need them, you’ll want to find out as much as you can about how to look after them and prolong their life. Hearing aids are a significant investment for most people, and taking care of them can ensure that you get the best performance from them and that they last as long as possible.


  • 20 Sounds We Love To Hear

    28. June 2018

    Hearing is a sense that people often do not fully appreciate until it is compromised. Beginning to lose your hearing can make you acutely aware of all the wonderful sounds that are so important in your life, and hearing aids play a vital role in making these audible again.
  • Life With Tinnitus: Top Tips For Coping With Tinnitus

    27. June 2018

    Here at Hidden Hearing, we understand that hearing loss can cause stress and worry, and we work hard to reassure every client that they will be able to enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable life in spite of it. However, tinnitus is a particularly frustrating form of hearing loss to live with, and many people struggle throughout daily life with this condition.
  • Free Hearing Tests In Newry

    27. April 2018

    Do you think you may be developing hearing loss? Many people begin to notice changes to their hearing as they get older, and it’s very important to get these checked out to prevent the problem worsening, as well as protecting yourself against conditions such as dementia and depression that are linked with hearing loss.


  • Free EarWax Removal For Over 50s In Derry

    30. March 2018

    Are you experiencing difficulty with your hearing? Are you over 50? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, you may be glad to know about the free services offered by Hidden Hearing
  • Free Earwax Removal For Over 50s In Belfast

    14. March 2018

    Hearing loss affects many people, and can sometimes be a temporary problem that can be resolved with a visit to an experienced audiologist or your doctor. Hearing loss that is caused by an earwax blockage, for example, can usually be remedied by a simple earwax removal procedure that is free for over 50's in our Belfast branch.

  • What Are The Risk Factors For Dementia?

    14. March 2018

  • Hearing Loss is on the Rise: Hidden Hearing and World Health Organization Say it is Time for Action

    23. February 2018

  • Derry Brings You The Latest In Hearing Technology

    3. November 2017

    If you have hearing loss, you may feel frustrated by the hearing experience offered by the hearing aids you have tried. The Oticon Opn hearing aid, powered by the Velox platform, offers you exactly that. The Opn uses an ‘open sound’ approach so that it is possible to filter and manage several noises and different sources of speech even in busy situations.

  • How we use our brains to hear

    1. November 2017

    You hear with your brain, not with your ears. Of course, we need our ears to capture sounds, but we only understand these sounds once they arrive in our brains. So hearing – and especially speech understanding – is a cognitive process, not a mechanical one.
  • Dementia and Hearing Loss: The Link

    25. October 2017

    Did you know that hearing loss is linked to dementia? Studies show that the same areas of the brain that are responsible for auditory processing are linked to dementia, Alzheimer's and depression, and that hearing loss dramatically increases your risk of developing one of these conditions.
  • Hearing loss versus vision loss

    25. October 2017

    Both are very important senses, and both cause us great difficulties if they don’t work effectively. But due to the way we use them, their loss affects us in different ways.

  • Preparing for your first visit to Hidden Hearing

    24. October 2017

    If you’ve never been to an audiologist before, it helps to know what to expect. And whether you know you have hearing loss or are just going for a hearing check-up, it is good to prepare a little.
  • Try the Opn Hearing Aid at Hidden Hearing in Belfast 

    23. October 2017

    Living with hearing loss can be extremely frustrating, and finding a hearing aid that suits you and your lifestyle is a big relief. Fortunately, hearing aid technology is progressing at a remarkable rate and some of the newest devices on the market offer excellent hearing solutions as well as plenty of optional extras such as bluetooth streaming.


  • The consequences of untreated hearing loss

    19. October 2017

    The sooner you take action on hearing loss, the sooner you begin to regain sharpness, confidence and control. Beginning as soon as possible is also vital to put a stop to the many negative effects that can result from hearing loss.

  • Living with someone who has hearing loss

    18. October 2017

    It is one of the most common health conditions. Among the billions of people of the world, one in six has a hearing loss. Among the people aged 65 and over in the world, one in three people has a hearing loss. Despite this, many people live with untreated hearing loss.