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3 November 2017
If you have hearing loss, you may feel frustrated by the hearing experience offered by the hearing aids you have tried. The Oticon Opn hearing aid, powered by the Velox platform, offers you exactly that. The Opn uses an ‘open sound’ approach so that it is possible to filter and manage several noises and different sources of speech even in busy situations.

Brian Daly, our excellent audiologist in Derry, believes that the Oticon Opn hearing aid will become a popular choice amongst customers who are seek-ing a more natural hearing experience. You can try the Opn for yourself at Hidden Hearing in Derry, and find out how much difference it could make to you.

How Is The Oticon Opn Different?

A hearing aid is designed to amplify and decode sounds that are picked up by the ears, but many hearing aids are compromised by loud background noises or multiple speakers. The Oticon Opn hearing aid offers a different way of enhancing hearing, which includes: 

· OpenSound Navigator. This complex component of the Oticon Opn scans the environment 100 times per second so that sounds can be analysed and balanced. This means that the environmental noises are not lost, and the wearer can pay attention to them if he or she wishes to do so, but they are not overpowering or distracting. 

· Easy switching of focus. A traditional hearing aid is designed to pick up and prioritise the sounds that are in front of the wearer, at the expense of the sounds behind him or her. With a surround directionality, focus can be shifted between conversations in all directions, and important sounds will not be missed. 

· Reducing brain effort. The brain must work hard to decode sounds, and a crucial element of the Oticon Opn is that it reduces stress on the brain during this process. Studies show that wearers of the Oticon ex-ert 20% less listening effort and, furthermore, they remember 20% more of the information given.

· Increased speech understanding. Speech understanding is identified by most hearing aid wearers as the most important aspect of a hearing aid. The Oticon is designed to revolutionise this process, and studies show that it increases speech understanding by 30%.

· The Velox platform. The Velox platform offers impressive features that enable it to manage multiple sound sources, analysing and pro-cessing sound data fifty times faster than previous designs. This plat-form uses a 64-band frequency resolution to support the brain in de-coding sound.

· TwinLink technology. The Oticon Opn makes use of two wireless communication systems: the power-efficient near-field magnetic com-munication optimises binaural ear-to-ear communication, and the 2.4GHz Bluetooth direct streaming system streams using less battery power than previous models.

· IFTTT. Oticon uses the web based service If This Then That to enable users to connect with a range of devices such as baby monitors and doorbells. This technology will become increasingly important in the future, as more devices become compatible with IFTTT.

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