Try the Opn Hearing Aid at Hidden Hearing in Belfast 

23 October 2017
Living with hearing loss can be extremely frustrating, and finding a hearing aid that suits you and your lifestyle is a big relief. Fortunately, hearing aid technology is progressing at a remarkable rate and some of the newest devices on the market offer excellent hearing solutions as well as plenty of optional extras such as bluetooth streaming.

Here at Hidden Hearing in Belfast, our Hearing Aid Audiologist, Darren McKeown, is pleased to be introducing the new Oticon Opn hearing aid, with Brain Hearing technology that can revolutionise your hearing experience. We love to keep up to date with hearing technology so that we can offer our customers the best options, and we believe that this hearing aid is something special.

Oticon Opn Brings You:

· Brain Hearing technology. The hearing process does not only involve the ears, as the brain is crucial in decoding and making sense of the sounds that the ears collect. It is mentally exhausting to fill in the gaps when hearing loss creates problems with the sounds being filtered in, and the Oticon Opn is designed to rectify this. The Velox platform in the Oticon processes sound data fifty times faster than previous models,  enabling a hearing experience that is fuller and more complete than other hearing aids.

· Better sound distinction. Noise in the environment around is often a problem for hearing aid wearers, but the Oticon Opn creates a more natural hearing experience that allows users to follow the sounds they are interested in without missing environmental cues and information. Data shows that the Opn increases speech understanding by 30%, and requires 20% less listening effort. Big news for hearing aid wearers!

· Excellent connectivity. The Oticon Opn is an all-rounder that can enhance the way you live your life in a digital world. Connectivity is easy, and you can use it with a variety of smartphones and other devices, as well as streaming in a way that minimises battery consumption. 

· Easy operation. You can operate your Oticon Opn easily via a free, downloadable app that offers comprehensive control and function selection. Using this hearing aid in conjunction with your smartphone is simple and reliable.

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