Free Earwax Removal For Over 50s In Belfast

14 March 2018

Hearing loss affects many people, and can sometimes be a temporary problem that can be resolved with a visit to an experienced audiologist or your doctor. Hearing loss that is caused by an earwax blockage, for example, can usually be remedied by a simple earwax removal procedure that is free for over 50's in our Belfast branch.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we work with many people with hearing loss and can help you to find the best solution for your situation. If you have a hearing loss that cannot be resolved, you may find that digital hearing aids offer an effective and discreet answer to this problem, and our friendly team will be happy to help you with this.

How To Remove Earwax

Earwax is a bodily fluid, also known as cerumen, and it plays an essential role in keeping our ears clean and protected from bacteria. However, excess earwax can lead to a build up which puts pressure on the delicate hearing organs and can cause temporary hearing loss and pain. It is vital to ensure that earwax removal is carried out by a professional to avoid damage to the ears, and here is our quick guide:

• Do not remove earwax at home. People often think that it is best to remove earwax using a cotton bud, or q tip. However, this can be very dangerous as it can push the wax deeper into the ear and cause it to become impacted, which can cause more serious problems.

• Make an appointment. Our audiologists are experienced and friendly, and can help to put you at ease during an earwax removal procedure. This procedure is free for over 50s, and we have appointments available at our Belfast Branch, so simply contact us today to book your free earwax removal service.

• Don’t worry. Many people feel anxious about having their ears tested or having an earwax removal procedure, and this is perfectly normal. Understanding the process can help to remove anxieties, however, so it may help to know that we use an irrigation process to remove earwax, whereby warm water is used to soften and dislodge the wax, and carry it out of the ear. Our audiologists are fully trained to carry out this procedure safely, so you can rely on a great service.

Book A Free Hearing Test At Hidden Hearing

If you have an issue with your ears, it’s important to consult an Audiologist as soon as possible. We offer free hearing tests, and free earwax removal procedures for those over the age of 50. You should have regular hearing tests as you age so that any changes in your hearing can be picked up and treated quickly. We stock a wide range of hearing aids, including the latest digital styles, and we will be happy to help you to find the best solution for your lifestyle.

Pop into your local branch today, or contact Hidden Hearing online.