Free Hearing Tests In Newry

27 April 2018

Do you think you may be developing hearing loss? Many people begin to notice changes to their hearing as they get older, and it’s very important to get these checked out to prevent the problem worsening, as well as protecting yourself against conditions such as dementia and depression that are linked with hearing loss.

If you have noticed that you are finding it more difficult to carry on a conversation, in person or on the telephone, or you have found yourself turning the television or radio to a higher volume than you have needed before, you may be experiencing hearing loss. There can be many reasons for this, and a free hearing test in our Newry branch of Hidden Hearing will help you to resolve the problem.

Do You Need A Hearing Test?

Here in our Newry branch, our friendly staff will always be happy to talk to you about your hearing difficulties, and we will offer you a free hearing test and help to find the best solution for you. There are many reasons why you should make a hearing test a priority, and these include:

  • Not all hearing loss is permanent. Some people experience profound hearing loss, often in one ear, as a result of an obstruction or blockage inside the ear, usually caused by a buildup of earwax. We offer a free earwax removal services to all those over the age of 50, and this can entirely resolve the problem and restore good hearing.
  • Hearing loss can deteriorate quickly. Once you have noticed a hearing loss, you may already be missing several sounds and cues around you. If you seek help immediately, you will protect against further deterioration and help to prevent linked conditions such as dementia and depression, which are known to affect the same areas of the brain as hearing loss.
  • Hearing aids are more sophisticated than ever before. Hearing technology has developed at a very impressive rate, and digital hearing aids now offer a high quality, discreet solution to hearing loss. No one will know you are wearing a hearing aid if you choose a style that sits inside the ear canal, and these devices can switch between many different channels to give a good hearing experience in different environments.

Book A Free Hearing Test at Hidden Hearing

If you think that you may have hearing loss, it’s important to make an appointment to see an audiologist for a free hearing test, which will establish your base line hearing level. This can be used to monitor the way your hearing changes as you age, and to ensure that you have access to the most appropriate solution for you at all times.

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s leading private provider of hearing care solutions, and our national network includes over seventy-five branches and clinics. Simply contact Hidden Hearing online today, or pop into your local branch.