Living With Hearing Loss: Top Tips To Enjoy Christmas

9 December 2019

Hearing loss can be a frustrating condition to live with, and often leads to isolation. Here at Hidden Hearing, we know that Christmas, social occasions and festive cheer, can be a tricky time for the hearing impaired. We’ve been busy thinking about how things could be made a little easier for those of us with hearing loss this Christmas, and we hope that our ideas will help you to have a super festive time this year.

Whether you’re visiting family and worrying about whether they will cope with your hearing loss, or you’re hosting a friend or relative with a hearing impairment and you want to make life easier for them, we think that a little forward planning can make a big difference to the fun you’ll have this Christmas time.

A Happy Christmas For Everyone!
1. Make the most of hearing aids. The sophisticated technology in hearing aids is designed to make social interaction easier for the hearing impaired, so ensure that your devices are switched on at all times, and don’t forget to ensure that your settings are adjusted correctly according to whether you are in or outdoors, and the amount of background noise around you.

2. Plan seating arrangements ahead of time. Thinking carefully about how you seat guests if one, or more, have hearing loss, can make all the difference to the success of your social gathering. Ensuring that those who have difficulty hearing are sitting somewhere that allows them to see faces, and sitting in a circle rather than at a long table, for example, can really help to keep the conversation flowing.

3. Check the TV guide. Find out which films will be suitable for everyone who you will be spending time with this Christmas, and consider whether subtitles will be helpful. The Snowman is an excellent choice that is suitable for all the family and doesn’t involve any speech! Some hearing aids can be used in conjunction with other devices, such as the TV, and may allow for individual volume adjustment.

4. Find out about local attractions. If you’re planning to visit a local Christmas attraction or pay a visit to Santa Claus, you might be able to find out in advance if there are any particular places that cater for those with hearing loss. An attraction with hearing loop technology or a Santa Claus who can communicate using sign language might just make Christmas more magical than ever!

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