Our clinics will be open until the 24th of December and will reopen on 4th January 2022. We wish you a Merry Christmas from all at Hidden Hearing 

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At your appointment, your hearing aid audiologist will ask you a few simple questions about your lifestyle, family history and whether you have difficulty hearing in any particular situations such as noisy public spaces.

The audiologist will then take a look inside your ears using an instrument called an otoscope, which is totally non-intrusive and is designed to ascertain whether you have any obstructions or ear infections that might be temporarily affecting your ability to hear properly.

After that, you will be asked to listen to a series of beeping sounds through the latest ear insert technology, set at different frequencies and intensity. This will ascertain if you have trouble hearing certain types of sounds which can affect your ability to hear. This part of the test is known as 'audiometry.'
You will then be presented with a list of words, usually read out by a close family member that you communicate with regularly and this will show us how you hear speech in a real-life environment. This is known as familiar voice testing designed to assess how well you can hear in both quiet and noisy situations.


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